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Intravenously Through a vein. QXP 10/1/09 1 0 0 9:09 AM Page 48 Q U E S T I O N S & A N S W E R S A B O U T D I A B E T E S Diabetic nerve damage in the feet may lead to disturbance of the mechanics of the foot, such that pressure may occur on bony areas not designed to bear this. This can cause unusual prominences of the bones of the feet on all of their surfaces, which are more prone to injury than usual. Corns, calluses, cracks, fissures, and ulcers of the feet can all occur in people with diabetes in the absence of specific injury, but as a result of abnormal pressure distribution caused by nerve damage.

Frequently, the degree of high blood sugar is more moderate, with little sugar entering the urine and causing no immediate symptoms. However, diabetes of even modest severity can cause considerable harm and lead to serious chronic complications. , without symptoms), which is the reason that screening programs to detect diabetes in those at highest risk have been developed. If asymptomatic diabetes is not discovered for a sufficiently long period (many months or years), patients may actually present with long-term complications of the previously unrecognized diabetes, such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure, neuropathy (nerve damage), nephropathy (kidney damage), or retinopathy (eye damage).

Protective sensation is the perception of potential injury, such as awareness of sharp, rough, or excessively hot or cold objects or friction, such as rubbing against the inside of shoes. When this is impaired, it is possible for the person with diabetes to sustain wounds, abrasions, burns, or freezing of which he or she may be unaware. Other types of injuries such as bites and blisters can similarly occur unnoticed. Even fractures to the bones of the foot can occur painlessly when more severe forms of diabetic nerve damage are present.

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